Monday, October 5, 2009


Hey everybody! I'm back in Zihuatanejo. It's crazy! Seems like I finished a month ago up in Oklahoma City, or it feels like it never happened. I've had no time to even process the ride. I rested one day, ran errands the next and started the two-day drive back home to Zihuatanejo early Saturday morning because I have too much to do!
I know I left you hanging the other day. Sorry about that. You deserve more information than that. I was just exhausted and busy or vice versa and couldn't bring myself to write. I wasn't even sure WHAT to write. "It's over" seemed appropriate enough. That's all I wanted at the time - for it to be over with. Now I know it has just begun. Maybe the riding is over, but there's still more to do. For one, I rode 2,050 miles and so far through Be The Change, I've only sold 345. My sister-in-law handed me $100 for four more miles right before I left so make that 349 miles sold. I'm hoping some people were just waiting to see if I finished before they would send in their mile money or buy online. I'm seeing a preference for sending it in's what you do:
Make a check or Money Order payable to:
Be The Change
Make sure you write "Z to OKC" in the memo part.
Then send it to:
Be The Change, Inc.
P.O. Box 61238
Oklahoma City, OK 73146

And remember that your charitable contributions are tax-deductible. If you've already given, I thank you. I will eventually get around to personally thanking all who have donated through Be The Change. If you left a way to contact you, I'll send you something. Only give me a couple of weeks because I have two different groups visiting these two weeks. Please help me cover the miles!!!!
You'll also be able to order a t-shirt online soon. Jon is working on that.
We've learned a lot this trip. I personally have learned some things. I'll be writing for the next few weeks about that so don't go away. I'll try to throw together some statistics about the ride as well.
By the way, we're dreaming of connecting this trip to our supporters in the north and northwest, so some of you who were so faithful in your prayers and encouragement might be getting a visit within 12 months. We're dreaming anyway.
More later....meanwhile, buy miles, please!!!!!!

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