Thursday, August 27, 2009

2 days and counting...

Things are getting crazy around here! Yesterday, the local radio station interviewed us. Today a reporter from one of the local papers will intervew us. Besides that, we have a couple of meetings scheduled to prepare for tomorrow's official send off from the government offices, and we hope to pick up t-shirts this afternoon. If all goes well, my car parts should arrive by noon and our support vehicle should be ready by tomorrow.
Speaking of support vehicle, Jon, the founder of Be the Change, is here. He arrived yesterday. He'll be the driver of the sag wagon. He brought my new bike, which is being assembled at the local bike shop.
No riding today. I'm resting my legs. Saturday's is somewhere around 75 miles with a lot of hills. A friend wrote a couple of days ago and said she and her husband are doing the Hotter-n-Hell Hundred in Wichita Falls this Saturday. Somehow knowing there are going to be a lot of people suffering in Wichita Falls, including some people I know, made my first day's journey just a little least in my mind.
I know I've promised to let everyone know how they can donate! I'll post later today. We're working out last-minute changes on the Be The Change website.

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  1. We are tired but happy and grateful for what you are doing and Jonathan too!!!
    Another big day today..the official send off!!