Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Four days and counting...

Four days until the ride starts in earnest!

For the last two days I've ridden out to the seminary where I work. Orientation was yesterday and classes began today. Since I had to run by the bank before I went today, I was late in riding out and I had to ride back in the heat of the day. All I wanted to do was stop and sit under a shade tree, but I knew if I did it was only going to get hotter. The sun is brutal down here and I know that if I don't start cycling before light, I'm going to be burned to a crisp before I get off the coast.

Jonathan Roberts, the founder of Be the Change, arrives tomorrow! I'll be glad when he gets here so we can go over last-minute details. I also want to meet my new bike! Jon's bringing it with him. Woohoo!

One more thing...just out of curiosity I checked the Zihuatanejo weather for today. 94 degrees F and 66 percent humidity. No wonder I was looking for a shade tree!

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