Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 16 - San Luis Potosí

I rode 120 miles today from Querétaro to San Luis Potosí. I had three flats along the way. It took me 7 hours of riding time, plus all the stops. My tail end is about to fall off and I'm exhausted. If I had anything else to write, I can't remember it. I burned more than 5,000 calories today and I think the Western Sizzler (Yes, Western Sizzler) in San Luis Potosí lost money on me.
Tomorrow, I have to get to Matehuala. More of the same. My favorite phrase so far this trip has been "What was I thinking?"
By the way, it was pointed out to me that it wasn't clear how to buy miles online. Go to, click on the tab "buy miles" and follow the instructions. It's via pay pal, so it's secure. You can buy as many as you like...really, you can!


  1. Dear Alisa,
    You sound so down hearted and I can imagine why. This is when you stop and look at the big picture and remind yourself that you truly don't know what miracle God has in store for you. I just wanted to let you know that you and your "mission" was included yesterday in the Prayers for the People at the small "United Church" I attend here in Morinville. Only my second visit and so welcoming! I have a meeting with the pastor tomorrow Tues. to give her the details of what it is you're trying to do but she does sound very interested. The congregation is a small one and made up of mostly seniors but perhaps that might be your best audience. I hope to put a call into the pastor of the "Christian Fellowship" church in town here as well and pass along the info about this amazing mission.

    God will bless you - Shelly

  2. Thanks, Shelly. Appreciate your help. We all have a part to play.
    God bless,