Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 26 - Stephenville, TX

Today was more like a tourist ride than a charity ride. It was only 57 miles, the weather cooperated and there was a museum I just had to visit along the way!
We're in my old stompin' grounds, but I don't think I know anyone anymore. I worked at the Stephenville Empire-Tribune my first year out of college. In that whole time here, however, I never visited the Dublin Dr. Pepper Museum.
Dr. Pepper, sometimes known as Baptist beer, is my favorite American soft drink. Ha! We had plenty of time, so we decided to stop by Doc's Old Soda Shop, eat lunch, and take a tour of the bottling plant that's still in operation. It was so fun! Dublin Dr. Pepper is still made with cane sugar, so you can imagine how wonderful it is. I wanted to take a photo of the old Dr. Pepper poster that had a girl on a bicycle saying something like "Dr. Pepper gives you energy for cycling," but they didn't allow photos of memorabilia. Too bad. Instead I got a photo outside the bottling plant.
I'll sign off here because I have a dinner date with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins here in Stephenville. I can't wait to see them. Meanwhile, you might enjoy watching the video news feature that came out on Hora Cero today (even if it is in Spanish). It's posted on their website: Check it out. They did a great job! Thanks again Moises and Erick for helping to get the word out!


  1. Hey Alisa,
    Nearly there! Checked out the spanish interview and my aussie translation is: I've come a long way over lots of hills! If there is any footage of the finish, would love to see it. You have done something remarkable! Good luck with the final few kms (ok more than a few but you are getting close). Cheering from Australia!

  2. Hey Wendy,
    Your Aussie translation has the gist of it! There'll be cameras here and there from here on in. I'll send you whatever is available. Thanks for the long-distance cheering!