Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 17 - Matehuala

Another long day. 109 miles. A three-short day, meaning I ended up putting three pairs of cycling shorts on to try to build up padding for my aching rear end. I can't even imagine how tomorrow is going to feel.
Today's highlights: First there was fog in the early morning, so much so that it fogged up my glasses and I couldn't see where I was going. Then I raced a donkey. He kept running even when I had gotten ahead of him. I swear he just wanted to race. He ran with me for about a kilometer, I guess. It was kind of fun.
Again, I ended the day exhausted. My legs are like jello right now. We'll see how they feel tomorrow for the 160-mile ride. I've never ridden 160 miles, and especially not after two days of 100+ miles. In fact, I've never ridden two days straight of 100 miles....sooooo, not sure how this is going to go. Those of you who feel like praying...PRAY! If you don't think it's too distasteful, pray for my butt! ha!

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  1. Lord help Alisa to do mas que sobrevivir and may You be glorified in her efforts. Keep her from harm in every way and especially her backside right now..which was never covered with too much flesh in the first place but which is likely having bone meet skin about now.Give her an extra layer of protection please!