Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 31 - Okmulgee (Sept. 28)

I couldn't sleep much the night before this ride because I had seen the weather report and knew the wind would be coming out of the northeast. I kept waking up thinking about and praying that God would turn it around. I was going to be heading northeast and it would be another day of more than 100 miles. That combination didn't make me happy.
The plan was to get up at 5 a.m. and be on the road by 6 a.m. to beat some of the wind, but as soon as I walked outside, I realized the wind had been up for a while already. Bummer!
I trudged along for 70 miles over the rolling hills up Hwy 75. I had been on the bike more than six hours and I was getting nowhere fast. I had no idea how I was going to cover 40 more miles to the stopping point. That's when Marie Harris showed up. Her husband brought her out from Del City to join me or, more precisely, to pull me in. I drafted behind her the next 40 miles and I was a very happy person!
Before the day's ride was over, however, we made a pit stop in Weleetka. That's where we met Norman. I only talked with him maybe 15 minutes, but I'll probably never forget two things he said.
First, he saw me stretching my neck and said, "Anybody that's ridden 1,900 miles is bound to have something wrong with them." I'm assuming he was talking about aches and pains, but it's probably true on another level as well. I've almost convinced myself through this trip that I'm a bit crazy, but I hope it's still a good crazy.
Norman also said, "Your road has really been blessed."
I started the day mad at the wind and my circumstances, but Marie arrived at just the right time, and really we couldn't have arrived in Oklahoma at a better time because a week or so ago it was raining everyday and Thursday more cold weather and rain is coming, so yeah, it has been blessed. Also I haven't been sick not even one day of the trip. With all the energy expended, my defenses have probably been down somewhat, but not even stomach problems or a sniffle.
And we had no trouble. The guy that swore that something would happen to me if I rode on Mexican roads was proven wrong. Mexican drivers treated me well. Most Texans were pleasant and Oklahoma has been wonderful.
And I even got to see old friends and make new ones on the way. Yes, Norman, my road has been blessed. You couldn't have said it more accurately.
The day ended at the home of Dennis and Janet Taylor. He's pastor of Okmulgee First Baptist Church. A group has been visiting us in Guerrero for several years now. Many of the friends I've made from Okmulgee were there with us. It was a great reception and one of my favorite stops of the trip. I spent the night with Julie and Super Randy. That was cool!!!!

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