Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 30 - Durant, Oklahoma

I crossed the Red River into Oklahoma this afternoon. I'm getting close!
I barely got across, though.
It took us a long time to get out of Bonham, TX. After eating home cooking at Cappy's I wasn't going anywhere for a while. After a brief Sunday afternoon nap, we went over to Rex Ray's house and slid down the killer slide he built for his grandchildren. If I was going to be in Bonham, I had to do it. It was pretty thrilling to say the least. I went airborne at one point! Sweet! Finally, around 5 p.m. I got on the road. Thirty-four miles later I'm in Durant.
Tomorrow's going to be a long one. I could be in OKC in short order, but I'm heading northeast first to Okmulgee. I look forward to seeing my friends there.

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