Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 18 - Saltillo

It wasn't pretty, but I made it! 144 miles total. Last 30 miles were 20 miles mostly climbing, then a fast 10 miles downhill...and all against the wind. Last night was the Grito de Independencia. I was doing my own grito on the last 30 miles, but it wasn't an Independence yell. I really wanted to curse or cry or both. I thought I was exhausted other days, but I found out really what that was yesterday and somehow I made it.
I spent nearly 10 hours on the bike yesterday. I spent a lot of that listening to John Piper.
Highlights: the smell of sagebrush in the morning (it reminded me of Taos, where I used to live. Lovely), the majestic mountains all around, saddle sores, thought of throwing my bike over the nearest cliff.
I've got supposedly only 50 miles to go today to Monterrey. A camera man is supposed to go with us, so I guess I have to put on a happy face. I'll be happy when I'm finished today and can relax more than 12 hours until the next round.

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  1. Ten hours on a bike...exhausting for anyone. Ten hours of Piper...soul refreshing for anyone. Praying for you.

    Kelly Randolph