Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 25 - Brownwood, TX

Rain, 25 mph wind gusts from the north and cold. It was too much. Instead of riding the bike to Brownwood, we put it back in the car and drove here with the option open to ride later this afternoon if it warms up, but I double checked my mileage up until today and google mapped the rest of the trip and even without today's ride I'll have just over 2,100 miles. That means I get a weather-imposed rest day. Probably just as well. I've got a couple of long rides coming up to rival my longest in Mexico. I'm kind of bummed about not riding today, but this ride has been about the mileage, not about covering every inch of ground. Thankfully, I did enough zigzagging back and forth through Mexico to build up mileage and since I rolled nearly 670 miles last week alone, I should be able to get 521 before Sept. 30 if the weather gives me the chance. I have 1,479 right now.
Stops for the rest of the trip include:
Stephenville - Sept. 23
Wichita Falls - Sept. 24
Bonham - Sept. 25
Autumn in Bonham Bicycle Rally - Sept. 26 (I can get up to 64 miles there if I need them)
Tupelo - Sept. 27
Okmulgee - Sept. 28
Prague - Sept. 29
OKC - Sept. 30
Today has taught me that I can get to feeling pretty cocky about accomplishing something, but only if God permits. It didn't take much of a change in my circumstances to stop me today. Pray that I'll get some favorable weather tomorrow. A north wind would be devastating over the next couple of days. I just need south winds until Sept. 30. That's all I'm asking.

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  1. To be honest - I am kind of glad you got an extra day of rest. Maybe just what "doctor" Jesus ordered.
    Father - let the south winds blow the next few days - the gentle, warm, refreshing winds as Alisa continues and finishes this race. Lord, may your face shine upon her, may your favor be upon her and all those who are involved in this project and seeing your Kingdom expand.