Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 24 - Menard, TX

My final destination wasn't Menard, it was Junction, but with a tail wind and a possible cold front coming in, I decided to ride a little bit further. So instead of a 63-mile day, I rode a 94-mile day.
My grand total up until now is 1,479 miles. I'm almost there folks.
I had been considering it, but it was confirmed when I stopped on the edge of Junction and Jon told me the minister that was planning an event for us had a death in the family. We are very sorry for her loss. We were going to stay at the First United Methodist Church where we stayed last time we were on a similar journey. They were so wonderful to us and we were looking forward to the visit, but it was not to be, so I pedaled on to Menard up Hwy 83. I don't think the truck drivers liked the idea of a cyclist on their road. They honked a lot. I'm sure they're in a huge hurry and they resent someone traveling on a bicycle. We weren't in their way. They flew by at top speed. By their honks, however, we felt their displeasure. I guess I didn't realize the deed to the road had been given to them in my absence. They certainly acted as if they owned it. Ha!
Then we rolled into Menard, checked into the local hotel, took a bath and had dinner at Side Oats cafe and bakery and all was well. If you're ever in Menard or anywhere near, you'll have to check it out. Lots of choices of pie for dessert.
As a matter of fact, we were eating all day. On Hwy 83 between Leakey and Junction, there's a little place called Garven Store that we discovered on our last long-haul bike trip through Texas. They sell barbecue brisket sandwiches. Wow! I found it again yesterday and bought an IBC rootbeer to accompany it. Yum! We also stocked up on beef jerky, which they sell.
We supposedly weren't even hungry by the time we got to Menard, but we couldn't resist checking out Side Oats and once inside, couldn't resist the food.
I figured it out that I consumed just around 4,000 calories yesterday, which is probably what I'm consuming everyday. Thing is, I'm burning at least that much riding my bike, not to mention what I burn just to stay alive.
I checked outside this morning and the cool front did move in, but I'm hoping the wind won't be too bad and we can avoid the rain until we get to Brownwood.
Next stop - Brownwood, about 80 miles from here.

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