Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 4 - Chilpancingo

I'm sure people are praying because I've managed the first of the real climbs between Tierra Colorada and Chilpancingo. 38 miles, 4,000-foot climb, according to my GPS application on my phone. My legs are a little sore, but tomorrow should be relatively flat.
We actually had a couple of glitches this morning on the start. First, the hotel didn't open the main door (which happens the be the garage door as well) until 6:30 a.m. As soon as it was open, we literally drove the car down the hall (I'll try to upload a photo so you'll believe me) and out of the hotel and backtracked to the toll road, where I was going to get on the bike. As soon as we got up on the toll road, we realized that wasn't going to happen. There was construction for miles. As soon as we could, we turned around and headed back to Tierra Colorada. I got on the bike there and headed off a bit nervously on the old highway, wondering how rough the climb was going to be.
In fact, the climb was doable and the views were spectacular. Endless mountains, pine trees as we got higher, and flowers along the side of the road made the climb well worth while. I'm starting to remember what's so great about traveling by bicycle. There's nothing like it.
We rolled into to Chilpancingo around noon. Chilpancingo is the capital city. I was hoping to meet with government officials to let them know what we were doing, but that didn't happen. I did, however, get to eat American fast food. I went for the greasiest available - KFC. It was great, and as soon as I finish this, we're heading out for some pizza.
More later if I have time. We've got some photos that we're going to try to get on the Be the Change website this evening, so check it out tonight or tomorrow. www.bethechangeok.org.
I need you to buy some miles. That's what this is all about: money to build our abandoned senior refuge. It's a nice ride, but it's in vain if we don't raise some CASH!!!!
Ok, guys, here's a link to the national news yesterday where I've been told that the Z to OKC ride was covered.
Try it and let me know. Be aware that it's in Spanish:

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